Top-10 Zambian Musicians Who Made Waves Despite The Covid-19 Outbreak

  1. Chanda NA Kay

Chanda Na Kay is a Zambian duo which came in during the covid-19 (coronavirus) period, the duo has proven every setter wrong by hitting up the airwaves with their music in the year 2020 as it is stated that they got into the industry in March this very year with an opening record entitled – Tuli Bamo Bene.

It is very much safe to add up Chanda Na Kay to the [Top Ten Musical Trendsetters In 2020], get to download all Chanda Na Kay records >> Here


2. Macky 2

MK Macky 2 has been one of the top relevant Zambian artist since day one, he has been a king of awards in a couple of years back and he has been dishing out a lot of records recently talking of Mrs Me, Early Riser featuring Pompi, New Year Freestyle “2020”, I Declare.

The year 2020 has been smooth at Macky 2’s music wise despite the rona outbreak, check out some of the 5 top-notch songs he was featured in below.


3. Roberto

First off, the superstarRoberto scooped a nomine at The HiPipo Music Awards 2020 In Uganda, this was a start off for the superstar as he went on to feature a Ugandan reggae dancehall artist – Beenie Gunter on a soft record entitled – Nomo, without delaying he again gave off the visuals to the very record which made noise both in Uganda and in Zambia.

Roberto is a trendsetter, saying this without a single doubt. Check out some of the records he released (plus features) in the year 2020 below.

In conclusion, Roberto had Made Front Page Of The Nkwazi Magazine Proflight, which gave the superstar a great exposure.


4. Jay Rox

Jay Rox’s fan base gained numbers in 2020 as he released an album called – S.C.A.R, it is unfortunately that the album lunch was salty because it was done online due to the coronavirus affairs.

But Covid-19 never stopped the lion – Jay Rox from selling out his album, he sold out huge number of copies via Mvesesani online platform. In other news Jay introduced a new clothing line (specifically Prestige Hunter Sneakers)…the Sneakers sold out real awesome with lots of grate feedback from people who got a pair.

The lion has been sampling out joints off his album to put them out as singles with visuals, some of the records he sampled off includes Greenlight featuring Slap Dee, and Pala Ba Nda featuring Tommy Dee.

Lastly, Jay Rox concluded by introducing in wave talent to the team, by signing Umusepela Chile and Flexville Marley.


5. Yo Maps

Yo Maps has been a man of the moment as he made rounds on social media by giving the people what was really going on in his personal life concerning his fiancéeMwizukani (See Post), in other ways Yo Maps got recognized on this list because he has been giving out a lot of records recently talking of So Chabe, Ba Mayi, Refresh, Timamizibani, I’m Sorry, plus more…..

Yo Maps also announced an album release this very year, hope to see more of his works, lets all wait and see what the management is up to.


6. Chef 187

It all started when Chef 187 released his album – Bon Appetit in 2019 September, the album sold out real good not until the Covid-19 pandemic came in to spoil the soup. Despite having some backlash on selling more of the copies in 2020, still Chef 187 and the team made sure the tracks were scatted across the Zambian borders.

Following up, The Lyrical Sensei Chef 187 went head to head with his elder brother Macky 2 For The Fund Raising At Home Of Happiness Org (See Post), the same criteria increased Chef 187’s popularity and with no delays – 187 blessed the nation with some fresh projects for the year 2020 (Check Them Out).

In conclusion, Chef 187 took a step to do a Deluxe Version of the Bon Appetit Album in conjunction with TalkTime Multimedia Corporation (TMC) and Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd.

Stay glued.


7. T-Sean

Top Zambian vocalist/Dancehall heavyweight – T-Sean has been riding on his 2019 December EP called – Hits Only, the Extend Play contained 8 body of work.

Not only that the Dancehall Daddy gave out an EP, but he also gave out some massive bangers with vocal features from Chanda Na Kay, Dope Boys, Kekero, Esii, Daev (R.I.P), plus a lot more.


8. Slap Dee

King Dizzo – Slap Dee has been so active in the year 2020, firstly he got nominated at the Afrimma Awards alongside Bombshell, this international achievement clearly hits 87% of other achieves the Zed Artists scooped. In the early mid opening of the year, Slap Dee collaborated with a South African Songbird – Busiswa on a record named – Savuka.

After the Coronavirus became too serious, the king gave out a record named – Dzuwa in relation with the current situation.….the song featured his label mateJorzi and the team shot visuals for it, time passed then His Excellence Edgar Chagwa Lungu endorsed Slap Dee for the grate impact on the music industry. This wasn’t enough, Slap Dee buried the hatch and tagged along his old pal Ruff Kid on a song called Fwaka which was released in the very year 2020 during the pandemic period.

Despite all the ups and downs Slap Dee still stars in the year 2020.


9. HD Empire

HD Empire is a top hardcore hiphop duo Zambia ever had, the duo has been resurfacing with awesome records especially when they tried switching up styles and discovered they can as well do sing rather than just rapping. The duo has been riding on the Oxygen record which featured Yo Maps in 2019, the song has been making rounds both on the streets and on radio waves which made the duo gain much popularity across Zambian provinces.

Following up, HD Empire got signed under Alpha Entertainments/Kopala Swag for a 3 month contract affiliation, however the duo went on to feature Chef 187 and Drifta Trek on a record entitled – Puku Paka and also featured in the Kopala Swag Quarantine Cypher in which they absolutely performed the top as judged by the hiphop lovers.

Well, what more are we expecting from the duo as they get to renew or withhold their contract at Alpha Entertainments.  Download all the latest HD Empire songs >>> Here.


10. May C

May C has been giving out back to back records even though he isn’t recognized by all the Zambian music lovers. May C has been relevant ever since he made a name out of the record Oya Mpu by the Dope Boys which went viral in 2019.

Below are some of May C’s records in the year 2020.