10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jemax

Hiphop has never been the same ever since Jemax got in with his first record to give out a tough competition to all the Zambian hiphop giants that have survived for a couple of years, even though he has been in the game for more than 4 years the act still stays up-head and promises nothing but good music. Continue reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Jemax.

1. He Released His First Video In 2016

The act got into the music industry as a mainstream artist in a very convincing way, Jemax firstly released a music video called – Powerful which later on brought him out of the mud as he struggled himself out to get noticed by the Zambian music fans and finally scooped the title.

2. He is 28 Years Old (in 2021)

With all the sky level achievements, lightly did you know that Jemax Bachilolo is only 29 years old, this age stat shows his current age group for the year existence for 2021.

3. His Real Name is James kawele

According to the rule number 1 of being a celebrity, one doesn’t have to disclose their real names because the audience might find it unbearable and might later drop interests in following their public figures, but well Jemax’s real names are James Kawele and this might be not surprising to most of the readers.

4. Jemax Once Belonged To A Crew Called 70 Niggas

Before the signing of a deal at Alpha Entertainments  Jemax Bachilolo was once involved in a gang called – 70 Niggas, without beating around the bush the act had his soul and mind tired to this particular crew and he therefore once made it clear to stand out the ghost to put it on the map.

5. He Was Signed To Alpha Entertainments/Kopala Swag In 2015

The super skilled rapper Jemax got the attention of Macky 2 and the Alpha Entertainments top officials as he was doing street rap battles and cyphers, with no hesitation the team got him on board to build up his career not knowing he will become a super star in a few years time.

6. He Left Alpha Entertainments/Kopala Swag To Sign With Nexus Music

After running for about 5 years with Alpha Entertainments. Jemax got offered a 5 years recording deal with Nexus music and with not delayments the act obliged to the very assign. Fast forward Jemax got into the Nexus music scheme with his first record named – Teti Mbe Mbwa, following up is – Mulale Muchibote (Dr. Kenneth Kaunda Tribute Song) and lastly – Ichilaka alongside Spartan Makaveli.

7. He Was Firstly Known As Bachilolo Before The Jemax Name

The Jemax name came in officially after he got to build up the 70 Niggas gang, the rap-act used to be called Bachilolo the days he used to have Toshi, Lizzy B, DJ Zwex for Classic Music, plus a lot more.

8. He Was Born And Bread In Kabwe (Central Province)

James Kawele was born and raised in the town of Kabwe (Central Province), one would wonder how the rapper found himself with the Kopala giants, but while with evidence from his past interviews Jemax confesses having his talent as his fuel and speed wheels.

9. He Went Viral With A Feature Song

Jemax got a bulk of engagements just after he featured on a song entitled – Full Army, this particular record holds the presence of B Quan as the owner of the song, Y-Celeb and Sub Sabala.

10. He Is Emotional

Nexus signed artist – Jemax confesses being soft when it comes to writing music, the artist named having pressure to handle the celebrity lifestyle and so this showed how his emotional tastes operates.


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