Thank you for making time to check out our services price tags. Below is all what you need to know, if there is something you urge to find out…. visit our contact us page >> Here

Copper Prices

  1. Audio Upload – K100
  2. Video Upload – K200
  3. Biography / Article Write up – K80
  4. Artwork Design – K100
  5. Album – K500
  6. Mixtape/EP – K380

Silver Prices

  1. Audio Upload + Social Media Sponsorship ($2 for 2 days) – K 200
  2. Video Upload + Social Media Sponsorship ($2 for 2 days) – K300
  3. Video Upload ( + on our YouTube channel) – K320
  4. Audio Upload ( + Biography Start-up) – K150

Gold Prices

  1. Sticky Post (Either Audio or Video upload) – K200
  2. Sponsored Link (Either Audio or Video Upload [Valid for 1 Week] ) – K150
  3. Trending Post + Social Media Sponsorship ($2 for 2 days) – K200
  4. Eye Catching Artwork Design + Audio Upload – K180


  1. Artwork (Should be at least 2500 x 2500 Pixels)
  2. One must provide the Content Title, Subtitle (If possible)
  3. For a song (One must provide  The Song/Video title, Artist name – plus Featured artists if any) and Producer name or name of the studio for the very song.

Payment Methods 

We accept payments to be made via Mobile Money, Zanaco or Zoona.
For more information contact us on.


As ZedPushUp Ltd…it is important to note that all content sent in for promotion is subjected to thorough scrutinization through a strict approval process.
The process includes a review of lyrics, vocals and quality by our team of qualified critics. These factors decide whether our team can promote you or not.
Please note that disapproval from our end doesn’t mean content isn’t good enough, it only means that we feel that the work could use a little more improvement before we can promote you.


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