Slap Dee – Wamulinganya (Waggish Video)

Slap Dee – Wamulinganya Mp3
Slap Dee – Wamulinganya Mp3

Watch Slap Dee – Wamulinganya Waggish Video

Slideshow video trends on both Twitter and Facebook as it appears that Slap Dee’s song – Wamulinganya was embed to refer to the pictures attached in the very video.

Rumor has it that a Zambian TikToker published the waggish video, well social media users have hereby accepted and embraced the short clip for they consider it to be sentimental towards the celebrity pictures in the very slideshow clip.

Fast forward, Slap Dee also reacted to the video with proud impressions to whoever is behind the clips as it holds top notch creativity, and he later on wrote “Didn’t make this but I could easily get smacked for it.I don’t want this shmoke!”.

Check out the video below.