Zambezi Magic To Launch ‘Mungoma Series’ Featuring Towela, F Jay, IDC Light Comedy Plus More…..


Zambezi Magic has once again proven itself as a leading local television channel within the Zambian market. For 5 years, the channel has delighted viewers with the best content that has kept them glued to their screens 24/7/365.

Channel Head for Zambezi Magic Mosibudi Pheeha says the mandate of Zambezi Magic is to continue to find fresh content that resonates with the audience. She further stated the success of drama series on the channel such as Ubuntu and Amooye is indicative of the fact that there is a huge craving for the genre on the channel hence the imminent launch of a brand-new series called Mungoma; with a whirlwind of themes centered around greed, love, secrets as well as betrayal that most viewers can relate to. Mungoma is set to premiere on the channel’s new drama slot on the 19th of October at 19.30pm

Pheeha has also announced that the spellbinding and dramatic season 2 serving of Ubuntu is set to premiere on the 5th of October at 21.30pm. She hinted that the new season focuses on the rebirth of the kingdom led by Queen Thandiwena who is still coming to terms with all the complicated facets of leadership which clash with tradition of the people. Viewers can also witness Queen Mother Chawezi fight for her daughter to regain her birthright to the throne and save the people of Ubuntu from losing their sacred land and their heritage.

And Commissioning Editor for Zambezi Magic Molefi Lebone expressed his excitement with working alongside major players within the content curation space such as Jackson Ng’ambi Banda who also produced Tuvwange Season 1 and Season 2 and My Father and I; Lebone said the channel is also privileged to work alongside Yoweli Chungu Filimu, the Producers of Ubuntu as well as lead characters Viola Banda, Chichi Daisey and Robby Nyirenda amongst other well-known and up and coming cast from the previous season.