VIDEO: Petersen Zagaze – Life Yapa Zed


Get to watch – Life Yapa Zed done by Petersen Zagaze.

Petersen has randomly revolved the music scheme with is unique style of singing, check him out as he officially gives off the visuals to his one day old song entitled – Life Yapa Zed.

He wrote,

We can not live life depending and expecting to survive on any monthly salary or reluctantly waiting for a government/formal employement and job, if we want to be successful in life. We should never be shy to proudly expose our little side or main hustle no matter how embarrassing it may seem or being perceived by society. As long as it pays our bills and helps us to handle our everyday expenses, let us go out there and grab survival opportunities. Today people across the world strive and press to succeed on two to three jobs.

Siunga nkhale che ungo lindila Salary or formal employement….

Tulukusha and Palauka

Watch the video below !