Pompi Hits 34 And Finally Taken !


Lota house and Atmosphere nation CEO Chaka Nyathando, popularly known as Pompi yesterday celebrated his 34th birthday in simple yet grand style.

The gospel “lyrical master” yesterday officially checked himself off the bachelor’s list when he proposed to fellow gospel giant, Esther Chungu who said yes…the cherry on the cake!

The African noble eagle today tweeted:

“Yesterday was my birthday but it also marked the death of “self”, birthing a new being called “us”.
 I love you my queen and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you.
Love is In the air mwebantu!

This serves to show that vama love…you can happily survive if you find your mbambo.

Congratulations pompi and Esther…we Wish you both nothing but happiness and grace in your Union.