K Flow Jumps In To Defend Tiye P & Calls Out Umusepela Chile To Quit Missing Beats

K Flow Jumps In To Defend Tiye P & Calls Out Umusepela Chile To Quit Missing Beats.

After the whole lot of social media backlash as Umusepela Chile and The Red Nation Camp – Tiye P and Young Twice throw jabs at each other for hiphop sake, the industry remained entertained for a couple of weeks the same misconceptions among the musical acts.

Despite Tiye P being an old ass rapper in the Zambian Music industry, a new talented wave – K Flow never sugar coat any nonsense from Umusepela Chile… K Flow took it to facebook and addressed Umusepela Chile as he went further to justify how Chile misses beats and sort of kind.

Below is what K Flow posted on his facebook,
I think am tired of hiding the truth imwe ba #umusepela_Chile we are tired of listening ma miss pa beat and you are busy talking about your fellow artist and claiming to be the king/leader of the new wave for that I say “no” you are not the king/leader of new wave at least if it was #Umusepela Crown who were saying this ✌✌✌✌mutekanye fye sana nakamunobe ako stop dissing artists that you know that they ain’t your level.

Lastly, K Flow dished out a link to his new music video, claiming it is better off Umusepela Chile’s entire career.

Check out the video below !




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