Drimz Repudiates “Ba Mwankole” Record Of Being A Political Song


Kabwe based talented act – Drimz has suffered success ever since the re-operating of the Bars and Night clubs, reason being he has a banger record at the in the entire country at the moment.

The talked about song in the first paragraph is entitled “Ba Mwankole“, this record has been a trend throughout the lockdown and it is still topping charts on both radio and online voters segments. This particular smash is a set off to all those people who turn their backs on friends in times of need, this is what Drimz said about the concept behind the song and not knowing other political parties in the nation misapprehended the very concept of the song and shot back at Drimz claiming he was bribed for such act of producing the Ba Mwankole record.

Get to hear what he had to say in the interview below !