All Artists Signed Under Nexus Music [Check Your Favorite Artists]


All Artists Signed Under Nexus Music

A Zambian growing music management group – Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd finally shares the artists signed to against it’s name. This music management company was launched earlier 2020 and it has already proven loyalty by in numbering the family roots.


At Nexus Music, we believe that artists should stay in control of their music. That’s why we only offer artist friendly licensing deals. After the license term is over, artists regain full ownership of their music.

Check out some of your favorite artists who are signed under Nexus Music Entertainment Ltd.

  1. Chanda Na Kay
  2. Chef 187
  3. Towela
  4. T-Sean
  5. Abel Chungu
  6. Cleo Ice Queen
  7. Bombshell
  8. Afunika
  9. Kb Killa Beats
  10. Izrael and Nalu

Nexus Music is still bringing in fresh talent in hope of building a concrete Zambian entertainment industry.

Watch the space.