Any Possibility Slap Dee And Ruff Kid Might Convene ? | Read More…..


The two Zambian prominent artists –Slap Dee of XYZ Entertainments and Ruff Kid who went solo, these music moguls have created ‘village chicken bone’ fan base to an extent were one would get roasted for criticizing one of them.

After Ruff Kid and Slap Dee went different ways for the unknown reasons, the Kid had the guts to throw shades at Slap Dee just to clear off the pain in his throat and for which Slap Dee also stroked back with a diss reply. Fast forward, the Hennessey issue almost brought up a real fight between the two musical artists, following all the rumors under the feet that Slap Dee and Ruff Kid have unfinished projects in the studio and they might put them out as soon as they both swallow their pride.

After a very long time of not being in good terms, today The king of Zed hiphop – Slap Dee as he calls himself kicks off his pajamas to bring real issue on social media as he approached his music disciples with a flattering image of him and Ruff Kid sharing a bright moment. The incidence left all the Zambian music fans thirsty and they all wanted to know what was going on, and some followers concluded by saying “Maybe Slap Dee’s account was hacked by one of Ruff Kid’s walkers“, but surprisingly Ruff Kid’s WhatsApp status was spotted having the same image updated on.

This leaves all of us with the question asking if, there is any possibility Slap Dee and Ruff Kid might convene ?