Are We Expecting An Album From Tommy D ?


First and foremost Tommy D has been an underground artist for a couple of years now, he has been working and figuring out how to bring his name on, seen actually fighting for what is probably his. Rapper/Song Writer Tommy D has been receiving fire shots about him putting out an album .


Are We Expecting An Album From Tommy D ?

The answer is no, actually Tommy D has never released an album since he worked on albums like Kabwata MP, Mafasho plus more, to conclude in answering the question Tommy D is working on a Mix-tape which was recently announce by Slap Dee on his twitter account just after the break through of KOBY’s song titled ” Keep Forgettin ” which featured YellowMan, Slap Dee and Tommy D himself.


Which Artists Will Tommy D Work With On His Incoming Mix-tape ?

Tommy D hasn’t announced which artists will make it in his incoming mix-tape neither did Slap Dee shined light about it, but what y’all should probably know is that Tommy D is now an independent artist and he is willing to work with each and every artist in the industry despite what the past holds.


Has Tommy D Worked On Any Song In 2019 ?

Definitely no ! Tommy D has no any song of his for a couple of years now and every one thought he was completely done with music not until he was features in KOBY’s most trending current song ” Forgettin “, in the very song Tommy went hard as he gave out the old skull rap style of his which clearly sent all musical fans talking about it.

Below is a behind the scene picture of Tommy D [ Keep Forgettin ].


Tommy D - Keep Forgettin Behind The Scene
Tommy D – Keep Forgettin Behind The Scene

Just in case you don’t have what’s trending, Tommy D featured on KOBY’s new track which is currently making waves, you can get to download it here [ DOWNLOAD : Keep Forgettin Ft KOBY, Slap Dee, YellowMan & Tomy D ] .