What We Know About Macky 2’s Incoming Album


What We Know About Macky 2’s Incoming Album

Award winning hip hop artist, Mulaza Kaira, popularly known as Macky 2 first announced his retirement from the music scene during an interview in early September,2020.

The Alpha Entertainment CEO further stated that he would only retire after putting out one last album.

Now, the album which is likely to be dubbed “Olijaba” hinting from the “Flava Boy’s” recent posts which have been hash tagged with the phrase is set to be dropped in 2021 or possibly 2022.

He also teased that his final Album would feature international artists whose names he did not disclose. We further expect a possible collaboration with XYZ chairperson and former rival, Slap Dee.

Mk first shook sound waves on the music scene in mid 2010 and has remained consistent the past decade with hit albums like Zero To Hero, Ghetto President, Legendary and many more.

It is safe to say that the music industry will no longer be the same without him as we await Dj Buga’s Last tribute.