Macky 2 Opens Up, About Most Of The Zambian Entertainers Being Broke


Macky 2 Opens Up, About Most Of The Zambian Entertainers Being Broke

Top celebrated Zambian artiste – Macky 2 comes out from the walls to confess how the Zambian entertainment industry is really suffering even though its participants claim to be living a luxury lifestyle.

King Bugar has been one of the most courageous superstar Zambia has ever had, and in his own words he calls him safe a straight guy would would point out what’s wrong and what is right in your face.

This early morning King Bugar took it to social media to clarify some of the hard knocks to swallow so he could put out some of the entertainment followers on a clear picture, check out what Macky 2 posted on his Facebook.

I Look At Pictures Like These And Think To Myself “Damn, I Really Look RICH” The Truth Is Am Not.. Dont Get Me Wrong, Really Appreciate Every Little Thing I Have And I Don’t Take Anything For Granted.. But The Name I Have Made Does Not Tally With The Money, Atleast Not Yet. Lol
In The Entertainment Industry There Is A Common Saying Ati “Fake It Till You Make It” ..Artists Show You A Luxurious Lifestyle That We Can’t Even Afford Ourselves, Mainly Because We Understand That The More Extraordinary Something Seems, The More It Will Attract Attention. Most People Believe “Normal Is Boring”.
Am Sure You Know This But Let Me Emphasis.. Don’t Be Misled By What You See On Social Media.. Most Of Us Are Broke. And Its OK For You To Be Broke At Some Point In Your Life. As Long As You Have A Plan… Set Goals For Yourself And Work Towards Them At Your Own Pace.
Most Of Us Are Actors.. Its Not Real Life.
You Are Not Late Olo Behind.
Be Patient And Run Your Race.