Macky 2 Clears Off His Throat With A Clear Statement About Muzo’s State (Indirectly)


A couple of backlash has been flooded on social media for the past two days, the reason for all the little scandal is about Muzo Aka Alphonso as he got to be interviewed by Hellen at Get Candid. Muzo Aka Alphonso Disclosed not being part of Alpha Entertainments and he also said the label still holds his unreleased album.

Watch interview below !

Muzo Aka Alphonso Explains How He Was Used By Alpha Entertainments Officials

Just after the whole talk off from Muzo’s fans on the internet about the same issue of The Alpha Entertainments – Macky 2 in particular for holding Muzo’s Album. And Macky 2 comes in with a confusing update on Facebook as he says the shot below !

With all the backlash in the past two days, the crowd consider the above update as a shot to Muzo Aka Alphonso.