Tribert : Biography


Baison Njovu is a young independent Zambian rapper, singer and song writer known mostly by his stage name Tribert, he chose the name because it represented the number of people to first believe in his journey of music.

TRI-(meaning three) representing the number of boys in his family (unfortunately one passed away)
BERT-(the last four letters of his younger brother “ALBERT” from his mum’s younger sister) because he was there at the inception of his music.hence the name Tribert.

After completion of his high school education at the end of the year 2019,he has released 3 singles in the genre of Gospel, Hip hop, Afro and Soul trap well he was born in the year 2000 on 26th of September.

Growing up as a timid child writing poetry and stories in his room, he decided to channel his craft to Rap because it felt like a proper platform he could vent out his issues on with help of his young producer/friend known as LacnixX, a media house known as Dope Arts Media and a website developer known as Mox Wilson, he started putting out a few songs out there for people to listen.

BORN: Baison Njovu
September 26, 2000 (age 19)
Lusaka city, Zambia.Makeni Villa.

OCCUPATION : Rapper • Songwriter • Poet • General Worker

YEARS ACTIVE : 2018-present

GENRES : Hip Hop • RnB • Afro • Trap

Get to download Tribert’s music HERE.